VETT 0377

Vettoretti 1902

Form matters as much as content

Unmistakable Italian-style design, the application of creativity to a product that represents the pure essence of human inventiveness.


Unique identity

Danilo Vettoretti 1902 is a new company located in Valdobbiadene, a place recognized worldwide for the production of high quality wines and sparkling wines. The Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin area has entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to indicating the product’s level of quality, it makes each individual bottle identifiable and traceable at any time as each is made unique by a numbered band.

Each year the winery produces a limited series of sparkling wines derived from Glera grapes and then processed through the Martinotti method.


These wines are derived from a respectful approach with nature, and from hand-picked grapes.